RS on Contarrian Playbook

RS on Contarrian Playbook


History tells us of how we came together from tribes to cities to nations. At each step, we built social infrastructure like communities and governments. Paleontology shows us cave drawing of flutes and drums making music that has existed for as long as humans have been gathering—that is, since the dawn of man. Music is about shared moments.

What you listen to is a personality construct and the root of social and cultural tribes. Music is the great unifier. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common. Music speaks when all else fails.

Today, majority of people have access to a mobile phone. And despite the disparities among high and low-income, there is a reasonable parity in access to mobile phones, the ubiquitous proliferation in low-income countries has taken place over the course of half a generation. Even when lacking basic needs offood, water, medicine, shelter, education—billion’s in the world rely on a technology that was reserved for the wealthiest sliver of the nations just fifteen years ago.
“The gap between those connected and those who are not connected will increase.” The Internet has profoundly shaped our world and has changed our lives at 3000 times the impact of the Industrial revolution. The technology change around us has happened quickly and imperceptibly into a wave of connectivity that covers the planet. New devices and innovations have given us more ways to harness the power of connectivity wherever we go and functionality we could never have imagined.

Gartner predicts that 8.4 billion “things” were connected in 2017, more than doubling to over 20 billion by 2020.1 IoT itself is not new, but the combination of increasing bandwidth, sensor technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) may trigger an explosion of ubiquitous connectivity, everything that can be connected will be connected and transform whole economies and societies the revolution putts more than half a trillion dollars in play.

Economic Growth Leads To Freedom
In the field of economic development, the speed and impact of technology render the mobile phone a clear outlier? Adam Smith Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of Wealth of Nations about 250 years ago, long before the cell phones provided the foundation for analysing how it affects societies and economics. Our greatest opportunities are global for spreading prosperity, promoting peace and lifting people out of poverty with technology.

We have the technology; we have the infrastructure. “We need community engagement on the map. Our mission is to create positive community-led experiences that improves the lives of people, the Environment, Wildlife Conservation, Indigenous Lives, Human Rights, Health Clinics, Education and to engage the like minded in support causes that make a difference (charities in 2017 in USA raised over $ 400 billion).

Music Tribes highway is the doorway to communities as we begin with the millions of smaller communities. Music Tribes brings people together online and offline. Billion’s are active part of organizations; we offer the tools and instruction that’s required for producing immersive visual narratives. Our journey is to create a world where we care about each other and offer creative solutions. “Better education, better people for economic growth, and an informed society.”

Music Tribes funds projects with a series of small venue concerts with optimized mobile streaming to a concerned community with “360” camera immersive front seat experience to millions viewed on multiple connected devices and set top box TV’s over platform “The intimacy of live as it happens is something you cannot pirate” over our network.

 Many companies deliver content at scale, content delivery networks (CDNs) to audiences, yet often challenged with video quality in regions due insufficient bandwidth during peak periods, and a lack of network capacity and in-country resiliency.

We see streaming video as the consumption method of choice. Live Video drives 10x the viewing times of VOD. Streaming is the driver for music and became the largest revenue source, with paid streaming services contributing to 43% of total music revenues.

Music Tribes connects communities in a world where Facebook, YouTube, Twitter business practice is causing blowback.  Music Tribes offers accountability, transparency and solutions as we improve economies and connectivity with permission based non intrusive media campaigns.

Experience matters.
Metcalfe’s law states the effect of communication networks is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system (n2). First formulated in this form by George Gilder in 1993, [1] and attributed to Robert Metcalfe . Metcalfe’s law originally presented, c. 1980, not in terms of users, but rather of “compatible communicating devices” (for example, fax machines, telephones, etc.).[Later with the globalization of the Internet did this law carry over to users and networks like Music Tribes?

Through our medium of engagement is Music, we support communities that we want you know.  Our team develops scripted shows on cultural diversity, lifestyle, music, custom, food broadcast over OTT/TV.  We give voice to the Indigenous so they can be heard and we can learn.

Ranjit Sivaprakasam COO: Dsilive.Net. COO of MusicTribes.Net

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