How Music Affects Your Mood

How Music Affects Your Mood

But what is it about music that triggers an emotional response in us? What constitutes ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ music, or, more specifically, what makes us deem a certain song perfect for, say, a road trip rather than a meditation session?

“The emotional response people have to music is basically two main factors “The first is whether it’s considered to be pleasant or unpleasant, and the second is how ‘active’ versus ‘sleepy’ the music is.” ‘Exciting’ music we deem to be pleasant and active, while ‘relaxing’ music is something we perceive to be pleasant and sleepy.

‘Why do we like music that is sad?’ There are various explanations to this, one of which is we feel good about feeling sad and that’s what we are getting from the music.” Music Tribes brings in advancements in technology and convenience to the viewer on ways that live music impacts everyday life.

“We’re seeing an increase in people using music for activities and calming music. Though the link between music and emotion may be strong you can use it as a way to change your mood.

One of the powerful things about music — and a major reason for its enduring popularity — is that it can essentially be ignored. “With music, you can tune in and out. That fact it’s not all consuming is actually an advantage in terms of where music stands on the media landscape.”

“And its influence is gaining. We are living at an exciting time, we see a marriage between the understanding of how music works and the technology that allows us to use it pretty much whenever we want. “As a species, we feel like music helps us.

As in films, streaming platforms have become the norm in the music business. And is the largest segment of the music industry income stream.

Yet innovation was the least popular response to disruption, especially in the music industry. There are some though, not industries like MusicTribes take action.

Online platforms offer audience access and convenience coupled with cheaper prices; it’s undoubtedly transformed the structure of the industry’s revenue system and the way in which artists make ends meet.

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