Enhanced Audio

Is an AI driven enterprise software & services to transform the digital audio landscape by radically enhancing all forms of listening for higher levels of immersive individual and collective experiences.

During the “Internet Era” digital sound and audio quality has been compromised because of three primary factors: Bandwidth constraints and file compression. Dependency on wireless technology. Emphasize form over function/convenience, to optimize sound and audio across the Global Media, Entertainment, and Technology landscape.

We enhance audio files to Optimize sound quality on any device. Enables mass personalization of sound based on data and environment is a next-generation software-enabled 360º immersive audio experience.

Its unique AI methods delivery of the highest fidelity audio in any format – enhancing poor quality of digital or analog sound, across the media landscape.

Optimizes personalized sound by integrating preferences with biometric data location, and environment to customize the listening experience.

A profile is created for the user with their real-time biometrics and behavioral metrics, then used to personalize audio, visuals, and mixed reality experiences. Trained to identify physiological responses like gestures, posture, and body movement, plus user sentiments and emotions.

Music Catalog Vertical Mastering/Remastering Services. Real-Time Live Playback for Streaming in Music. Television, Film, and Podcasting