The Incentivized Media Channels is the solution to connect with Customers at scale and use payment gateways to share portions of the ad-spend with Consumers that Opt-in to see Brand “messages” and execute sales. Consumers appreciate meaningful incentives.

We have a Next Generation Opt-In Video Advertising System for Consumers to participate in the ad spend, budgets of nearly $700.0 billion dollars annually to do more business with advertisers and distributors to increase sales of products and services worldwide.

Consumers can increase their Spending Power by earning up to $150.00 or more per month in “Earned Cash” by dedicating (up to 5 minutes) of their daily online activity to watch up to 10 video ads of ~30 seconds each, nonintrusive at their convenience (AM/PM).

Consumers opt in and control the ad categories they want to watch and when they want to watch the ads. *More Earned Cash is received based on the value of the advertised products and services: “Price Elasticity”. Ad-spend: Advertisers pay a minimum of $1.00 per Opt-in consumer per Ad per day.

Advertisers. Higher sales, ROAS, and LTV/CAC ratio, with focus on lower-funnel sales Conversions, not upper-funnel Impressions.

Proprietary Gating Funds Flow (GFF) uniquely allocates and “locks” the Earned Cash (from the Ad spend) into payment gateways for Consumers to buy more products and services. Any Earned Cash not used for a purchase.

transaction is returned to advertisers or deployed in the next campaign (no wasted ad spend).

The Earned Cash can only be used to purchase the advertised product or service. Incentivized OPT-IN Consumers provide First Party Data to Advertisers. GFF functionality means seeing clear Attribution between the Customer and the Sale.

DermRad; An Incentivized Media Channel will be integrated into the Branded DermRad App with customization. DermRad Revenue: DermRad is PAID New Revenue of $0.20 (based on $1.00 “Floor Rate”) or more on every Confirmed Ad View (CAV) completed by users on the DermRad App platform.

For Example, 100,000 DAUs watching 10 ads daily x $0.20/ad = $6.0M per month or $72.0M annually.

DermRad Advantages: New high-margin revenue and cash flow growth stream. Greater ARPU; Increased Customer retention. Lower net effective cost offered to customer base. Platform differentiation relative to competitors Increased market share.